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Green Debt Instruments

With a globally connected network of investors and a thriving pipeline, Green Exchange is your gateway to expanding your presence in emerging markets. Our regulated markets offer issuers the flexibility of choice combined with localised expertise. Whether it’s corporate green bonds, ESG bonds or notes, we ensure an efficient listing process and competitive listing fees for issuers across industries and jurisdictions.

Green Stocks

Through TGX, we establish a clear and transparent pathway for asset owners and asset managers to access green stocks and their relevant documentation, free of charge, on our website. As pioneers in translating industry best practices into mandatory requirements for admission on TGX, we set high standards and encourage issuers to lead by example.

Benefits of TGX

Explore our diverse range of sustainable products, meticulously curated to meet your eco-conscious needs. From renewable energy solutions to innovative, planet-friendly options, we offer choices that align with your values. 

01  Reorienting capital flows

Discover the premier meeting place for issuers of sustainable debt securities and impact-conscious investors on the world’s leading platform for sustainable securities.
02  Building sustainable finance knowledge capacity

Acquire firsthand knowledge of the sustainable finance industry through the TGX Academy and become a certified ESG professional.

03  Addressing the data gap
Unlock free and unrestricted access to sustainability-related information, including frameworks, external reviews, and post-issuance reports. Additionally, gain comprehensive data covering nearly the entire sustainable bond universe through the TGX DataHub.
04  Assisting your sustainable issuance journey
Receive expert assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of your sustainable security, from pre-issuance to post-issuance. Benefit from peer comparisons, review sustainability disclosures such as frameworks, and streamline the post-issuance reporting process.
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