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Who we are

Welcome to Green Exchange, Africa's Premier Dedicated Green Exchange

Our platform connects all stakeholders : issuers, investors, developers, government institutions and individuals to collaboratively develop sustainable projects and drive positive environmental impact through sustainable investments. We are a new financial exchange dedicated to sustainable finance and responsible investment in emerging and frontier markets.

At the Green Exchange, our mission is to actively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. As the leading platform in Africa, we serve as a vital meeting place for issuers, asset managers, and investors worldwide, seeking to create a significant and lasting influence through sustainable finance.
TGX believes the fight against climate change will be futile without the full commitment and dedication of emerging and frontier markets. The strides made by developing markets will be eroded by the dearth of emerging and frontier markets.

Green Exchange offers a comprehensive suite of sustainability-oriented products and services, consisting of the TGX Platform and TGX DataHub. These cutting-edge solutions empower stakeholders to navigate the world of sustainable finance effectively and efficiently whilst making impact.
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