The Green Exchange


Establish A Solid Foundation

Pre-Listing Services

At The Green Exchange (TGX), we offer a comprehensive range of pre-listing services to provide support and guidance throughout the initial stages of your listing process. Our aim is to ensure a seamless experience right from the beginning.


Engage in introductory meetings and benefit from our tailored management approach.


Receive expert guidance on the essential business elements necessary for prospectus drafting.


Follow our Instagram account for educational content that’s perfect for people who are new to the Green Exchange world.


Undergo a thorough prospectus review and engage in discussions regarding disclosure requirements

Your Digital Listing Solution


Enhance your listing journey with our e-Listing platform, offering a streamlined digital experience that allows you to submit listing requests to TGX entirely online.

Why Choose E-Listing?


Experience a direct and simplified listing process. Submit your listing requests to TGX with just a few clicks


Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 availability, giving you the freedom to send listing requests at your preferred time and from any location.


Utilize the secure, digital channel provided by e-Listing to upload your documents and file your Final Terms with the relevant regulatory authority, ensuring an efficient process.


Store all your listing requests, along with related information and documents, in a centralized location with a secure audit trail, easily accessible with a simple click.

Comprehensive support throughout your journey

Post-Listing Services And Requirements

At The Green Exchange (TGX), we are committed to providing a wide range of post-listing services to ensure that you have access to the necessary resources after your financial instrument has been listed.
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