Green Exchange is where the ethical and eco-conscious go to invest

We are the first in this field and are the leaders in enabling good and unlocking potential in the Emerging Markets.

Money Meets Morals

Your investment will be exclusively dedicated to supporting companies with objectively and rigorously vetted eco-credentials. The only companies in the Green Exchange are those who can demonstrate a sustained commitment and positive impact upon our planet. You will be partners in real tangible change where it is most needed.

We offer Green Bonds and Investment opportunities all of which have our iron-clad guarantee that they do no harm to our planet and instead take steps to address the urgent issue of global heating and climate change.

At The Green Exchange we believe in deeds not words and we are committed to helping put your capital to work in a way that helps you, the African continent, its people and our planet. Our aim is to help investors provide the tools for the developing world to address a global problem.

We will provide vetted and trusted investment avenues for you to make an impact and grow and diversify your portfolio in a way which truly does not cost the Earth.

Green Bonds

The Green Exchange seeks to simplify the issuance and access to Green Bonds in Africa and other Emerging Markets. Our deal team will provide tools and partners required to successfully issue and verify a green bond, from actioning capital to meeting legal framework. Upon issuance, the platform would also facilitate secondary market trading of green bonds backed by adequate liquidity for execution of trades.


We are building a community of green companies in Africa and other Emerging Markets that have been identified and screened to meet UN standards, that are focussed on meeting the SDGs, fighting the climate crisis and acting ethically.

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